Our Philosophy

Food is an integral part of Chinese culture. At Delibowl our philosophy is built upon a strong desire to bring quality food and unparalleled dining experience to a new dimension, and to this end, we ensure that all of our dishes are prepared daily using the freshest of ingredients, and uncompromising on quality. Our inspiration is drawn from the eight culinary traditions of China, which is rich and diverse and makeup what is understood to be Chinese food today. Delibowl adopted the notion of "One Exquisite Bowl," fulfilling the passion that lies beneath all we do, to provide our guests with a dining experience second to none...

“One Bowl to Satisfy” 

Freshness Guaranteed

At Delibowl, we do not compromise on the quality of our food and we ensure that only the freshest and finest ingredients are used to prepare our dishes.


Finally, someone who makes

rice the right way

It really goes without saying, but we believe that good food deserves to be paired with the best quality rice.

Depending on the crop quality each year, we import high-quality rice grains such as the infamous Chinese Wuchang rice, Japanese Pearl rice, and Thai fragrant rice.

Our Food


Signature Dishes


“ The Next Delibowl ”

At Delibowl, we constantly seek to reinvent the way Chinese food is created and enjoyed and we believe in serving only the best to our customers.

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